Beginners' guide to orchids

11:47 AM

1. Re-potting

When should you re pot?

When an orchid plant starts to grow over the edge of the pot, it is time to repot it!

Orchid plants need repotting for one or a combination of two main factors: Potting mix breaks down, often evidenced by dead roots, or the plant outgrowing the container. In the first case, a larger pot may not be required, simply replace the growing medium. In the second case, the plant may need dividing or may be shifted into a larger pot. Fresh media should always be used. A good general rule of thumb is to pot for the bottom of the plant, the root system, and not for the top, the foliage.

2. Placements

3. Temperature & Lighting

4. Watering

5. Using fertilizers

6. Disease control

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